Saturday, June 5, 2010

06/05/10 Final update for current stake

Ok so today was blah.. Just awful. Below are my results. Only good thing that came out of today was that I learned of a couple of regs that I will be avoiding in the future as they love to gamble.


Overall Stake:

6/04/10 DoN's Update

Ok so I had my first great day in DoN's @ the $52's and I think I was so due for it.


Overall Stake:

So it looks like I'm almost done with my stake with Jordan and we will evaluate my performance and will post an update with the direction that we decide to go with.

gogogogo redwiredaces!!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

6/02/10 DoN's Update

So I hadn't played since Friday and so I decided to play some $5's today, lol, to find my zone and not lose a ton of money making donk mistakes due to rust. I ran a little bad but when I felt ready to play some $52's I ran super hot and so I can't complain.


Overall Stake:

Friday, May 28, 2010

5/28/10 Day 3 of my stake @ $52's

Today was Day 3 of my stake and I did indeed continue to run above Ev and that certainly helps when your every shove on the bubble is getting called by the nuts which is 44 ldo.


Overall Stake:

Wow variance can be a mother but it looks like I made it back to the red overall for the month.
Run Good One Time!

5/27/10 $52's Running at Ev is fun

So Today I ran at Ev which is all I ever ask for. No need to run like God here, I just want to be at Ev.

So overall I'm still running way below Ev but I'm sure that I will catch my red line soon. Come on run good one time!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'm Back!

So it's been ages since I last blogged and was reminded by my backer that I haven't updated my blog so here I am.

Just to catch you guys up with whats been going on. My last post showed a horrible run in Feb. Well it didn't get much better after that. I was constantly running far below Ev and I almost quit. Well yesterday I found out what may have been a big cause of it. It appears that around 50 Chinese players were banned by PokerStars for collusion. This was taking place from the $5-$100 buy ins. Before Feb I had never received an admin credit and now they keep on coming in. A part of me is disgusted cause I have played several games with these cheats and as many of you know I hate to whine about variance and so I harbored a lot of it and almost quit playing from not being able to beat many of these bubbles. On the other hand a part of me is relieved and I can see a difference on the bubbles now and the games feel beatable again. You can read about the scandal here.

Well with all that run bad and crazy tough bubbles I took a break to play someSNGs on ftp and ran really good. So after running well and taking a break fromDoN's I decided to return to DoN's. I began playing the $52's this month and started out doing good but on Saturday I began running below Ev again. I was selling shares of my games and one of my backers wanted to stake me. The terms didn't seem to make sense so I inquired about a stake with JL514. He was like let's do this so we are in a stake for 500 games and hoping that this goes well for both of us.

Today was Day One of the stake and unfortunately I continued to run below Ev. I hope that the poker gods will allow me to start running good again real soon.

Feb - Today:

May $52s:

Today $52s:

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Variance is the name of the game

First of all, I apologize to all for not updating my blog in ages. Maybe that has been one of the reasons that I have lost a bit of focus. I dunno! Well this month has been my worst month ever. I started out with high goals and was working like a dog in the first few days. Grinding like never before. I learned how to 20+ table and even run continuous sets. All of this all led up to me feeling like reaching my aggressive goals would be cake. However, I made a mistake. I prematurely tried to move up to the 20's. I had the necessary 60 Buy ins but I know myself and I would have liked more like 80+ buy ins. The reason for that would be to give my self a losing thresh hold that if met, I could easily move back down and continue my regular cash-outs while still being rolled for the $10's. So at about game 450 I moved up to the $20's and then variance hit me hard.

I lost a couple hundred and that is not the thresh hold that I had given my self. I had told my self that I could lose $400 but the losing $ coupled with variance was too much of a sting and I moved back down. Maybe I should have stayed but I don't think it was the right time and so I did what I felt was best. Next I caught a mini-heater and began to narrow the gap between my red and green line but have been have been running way below expectation shorty after that.

There are a few reasons for that. I'm part of a DoN discussion group with a collection of many styles and for the most part this group has been a God sent. We are free to discuss anything and everything. However with such a collection of different styles and players from different buy ins I may have tried to adjust my game a little to much this month. I also downloaded a trial version of sit and go wizard which is a great tool. This tool has taught me a lot. However after reviewing my stats recently I noticed that my steal pct had lowered drastically. It went from around 32% to under 20%. The reason for the change was because I was trying to follow the ranges for shoving according to wiz but found myself being the shorty more often than not.

So I found this all out yesterday before playing and then began to run way above expectation. Then variance reminded me that she is still in charge and I began to run at expectation. Then I had a bad set where I played bad just cause I was tilting from a couple mistakes and was really tired as I was up playing till about 2am. So all in all my results from yesterday may not show great in profits but having found my game again has given me great confidence for the future.

@ RedWiredAces follow your own advice and Shove wide and Call tight!!!!!!!!!!!!!